Talk things through with us. Tell us what you need. This is when the idea of your product takes shape. We team our experience with your needs, considering every detail, including bag size, film thickness and closure type, and any internal treatments (depending on what the bag is to contain).

All the factors involved, skilfully combined, will produce the forming set made to measure for you. The bag it produces will be exactly as you imagined it. You can't imagine a bag for your product? It doesn't matter: we'll be happy to show you every kind of pack so we can decide together how to design the perfect one for you.


The forming set is finished. Packed in a large box, it is ready to start its journey to your place of business. If problems arise, our engineers will be on your premises in the shortest possible time, with advice on the best solution for your needs. Our experts will also be ready to assist with any structural changes to modify your machine's performance.

N.B.: the after-sales consulting service is an extra, provided only on request.


From the moment when the forming set is fitted on your packaging machine, you will know how to use, dismantle and clean it, keep it performing at its best and adjust it. How come? Because our craftsmen will explain everything to you with patience and enthusiasm. You will be able to perform all routine procedures yourselves, to optimise output and minimise down-times.

N.B.: the training service is an extra, provided only on request.